About Bannerghatta Biological Park

Bannerghatta Biological Park is carved out of the Bannerghatta National Park in the year 2002. Bannerghatta National Park was conceived and started in August 1971 for conservation of wildlife and promotion of wildlife tourism with special intension to create recreation facilities to the urban population of the fast growing city Bangalore.

Bannerghatta Biological Park is located about 22 Kms south of Bengaluru city. It is one among the few places in the world where wilderness is preserved so close to a big city. It is having different units such as Zoo, Safari, Butterfly Park and Rescue Center (Conservation of captive animals). All the inhabitants have been provided with an appropriate ambience to live in harmony with nature.

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One more Gentle Gaint joins our Gajapade - Sunder,Tusker is now a part our BBPs elephant heard.

BBP requires an ENTOMOLOGIST and BONSAI expertsClick here for details

BBP now joined the team of WAZAClick here for details


It is one of the finest Park I have seen. The variety of animals have been accommodated in natural habitat to keep them healthy & good mood. The team who took us around is doing an excellent work. They are professionally dedicated to the project. The park needs full support. I commend their efforts.

- H.R Bharadwaj, ( Governor of Karnataka )

This beautiful place brings man closer to nature and provides peace and relaxation to his mind.

- Cyriac Joseph, ( Chief Justice,High Court of Karnataka )

We had a lovely experience at Bannerghatta Park.It is a better than most places anywhere in the world. The Butterfly Park, The safaris etc are all excellent. well done to all and keep up the good work

- Rahul Dravid, ( Cricketer,India )

A Wonderful Place

-Brett Lee, ( Cricketer, Australia )

Do’s and Don’ts in BBP

Teasing and disturbing animals, littering in zoo is punishable under Wild Life Protection Act, 1972, hence please avoid.
One more Gentle Gaint joins our Gajapade - Sunder,Tusker is now a part our BBPs elephant heard : BBP requires an ENTOMOLOGIST and BONSAI experts. :BBP now joined the team of WAZA